Hydrology and Hydrogeology

LSI LASTEM solutions are particularly suitable for professionals and researchers who need high quality and reliable instruments. The sensors intended for hydrological monitoring can all be integrated with complete meteorological stations to ensure monitoring of environmental conditions.

In particular, a solution has designed that integrates a meteorological station with level sensors and an alert system when thresholds are exceeded.

To support the management of the territory subject to  breakage of earthen dams, leeves or embankements, to infiltration of pollutants in the water table or to landslides risk, LSI LASTEM has designed and built in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Milan G. Re.T.A. This is the first georesistivetro for the permanent monitoring of large areas of the subsoil with the ERT method.

G.Re.T.A. – Geo REsistivimeter for Time-lapse Analysis is the new Geo-resistivimeter for fixed installations


For real-time measurement of precipitation and water level and alarm management