Environmental Cloud 4.0 project

Publication: 30/06/2020 12:00 AM
Topic: News

In the last few weeks, LSI Lastem has completed the first phase of the Environmental Cloud 4.0 project which envisages the creation of an innovative Cloud platform for the provision of services and data for environmental monitoring.

The Cloud platform will, in fact, allow access from any point connected to the web, even in emergency conditions, to the configuration and control services of the devices, data collection, processing, display and storage on the web.

The modularity of the structure, necessary with a view to IoT development, will allow the integration of other sensors, not only environmental, such as: traffic data, biometric or behavioral data, to offer a tool for complete and proactive decision support.

With this project, LSI Lastem intends to migrate the software applications from customer networks and PCs to CLOUD, obtaining the following benefits:

  • independence from IT structure and from minimum installation requirements;
  • elimination of installation and maintenance problems;
  • both functional and technological updating of own applications;
  • no management borne by the client

We had confirmation that migration to the Cloud is the way to innovate remote environmental monitoring services in recent months, during which many of our customers, forced to work away from our workstations, often with problems of connection to the corporate network, trusted the services already available on the web.

LSI LASTEM has already developed, in fact, a web system that permits to access the data of monitoring stations on a web platform, this service is currently limited to just viewing and managing data.

The new Cloud platform will also permit the management of tools and all applications, releasing customers from installations and updates on their PCs, and will open the use of applications to different devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Larger companies or administrations often need access to data and real-time processing for several users, also located in different offices. In this case, the optimal solution is a system entirely based on Cloud, that avoids the installation of customer software on company servers, safeguarding their security and allowing any functionality from any workplace on the web or mobile devices. Smaller customers and professionals want a simple, agile and always available service that does not force them to install, maintain, backup and manage operations. On the Cloud system, even processed data are available on the web or on mobile devices. This solution permits, in perfect transparency, data availability to control bodies that are responsible for environmental surveillance, such as, for example, ARPA and ASL. In fact, the data and elaborations are available without any possible intervention by the owner and are easily integrated into decision support systems.