Near Catania an innovative PV field

Publication: 30/06/2020 12:00 AM
Topic: News
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Q. Can you present the Innovation Hub & Lab of Enel Green Power in Passo Martino near Catania and more specifically your role?

A. For several decades the Passo Martino site has been a Research Center on solar energy and energy saving. Already in the early 1980s, the Conphoebus Research Center operated in the site, that was a company owned by Enel, at the forefront of renewable energy studies. Today the center of Passo Martino - Innovation Lab - is the large laboratory of Enel Green Power where the most innovative solar technologies are tested. There are 10 hectares of indoor laboratories and outdoor experimental areas equipped with the most modern test equipment such as radiometric weather stations, temperature controlled solar simulators, climatic chambers and other stations for accelerated aging tests, apparatus for PV modules by electroluminescence and thermography. Before being installed in Enel Green Power plants, the most innovative and efficient double-sided photovoltaic modules developed by the 3 Sun factory are characterized in the Innovation Lab both in controlled conditions (indoor) and in real operating conditions on biaxial or mono-axial trackers. Being an IEC 17025 accredited laboratory, the photovoltaic laboratory of the Innovation Lab carries out almost all the tests required by the CEI EN 61215 and IEC 61730 standards on commercial and innovative photovoltaic modules. The center of Passo Martino (CT) is configured, moreover, as an innovation hub where Enel, in collaboration with innovative start-up and national and international Research Centers, transversely develops highly innovative technologies for the purpose of their rapid integration into the company's business lines. Personally, I have more than thirty years of experience in the solar energy and energy saving sector. I had been the manager of the solar laboratory for several years and today I am the quality manager of the accredited photovoltaic laboratory.

Q. For what type of monitoring do you use LSI Lastem instrumentation?

A. We use the LSI Lastem instrumentation in the radiometric weather station, where we continuously measure the environmental quantities, in particular the components of solar radiation.

Q. How long have you used our instruments?

A. The relationship with LSI Lastem began in the 1980s without interruption. I remember that at the time your sales agent was Mr. Mondino.

D. What are the most important features that an instrument must have for your research?

A. It must be reliable, robust and of high precision. It is necessary that the measurement is faithful and repeatable and it is essential that it is always well calibrated to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Q. What are the suggestions for improvement and innovation that you would like to suggest for the evolution of our systems?

A. In Italy we need IEC 17025 accredited centers for the calibration of radiometers. I think a prestigious company like LSI Lastem can accredit its laboratory for this parameter.

Thank you Dr. Aleo, we wish you and all the staff of Passo Martino good work!