E-Log. N.12 inputs data logger. Keyboard and display

LSI LASTEM designs and manufactures a wide range of data loggers for environmental applications. With very low power consumption, expanded signal capacity and protections against severe environmental conditions, LSI LASTEM data loggers are the ideal solution for measurements in meteorological, air quality, indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring applications.

The different features of LSI LASTEM instruments suits virtually any environmental monitoring procedure, guaranteeing accurate and reliable monitoring of physical parameters both for portable and continuous application, outdoors and indoors. 

E-log has been explicitly designed for environmental applications: it is equipped with specific inputs for a wide range of sensors and calculations of derived quantities. E-Log stores the data from the connected sensors and supports different communcation protocols both in input and output. Robust and reliable, E-Log makes measurements possible even in the most severe environments, while the 16-bit A/D converter ensures accurate and reliable data in classic meteorological, hydrological and air quality applications and - more generally - in any environmental application.


- N. 8/16 analog inputs, n.4 digital inputs, n. 1 RS232 input

- Input extension using MASTER/SLAVE configurations

- Extremely low power consumption

- N. 99 measurements between channels for sensor acquisition and derived quantities

- Internal library for calculating derived quantities and mathematical calculations

- 8MB Flash Memory

- Modbus-RTU Master/Slave, TTY protocols

- Transmission (push) of data in ASCII format with FTP protocols

- N. 2 RS232 ports

- Digital outputs to implement external devices with programmable logics or events

- Acquisition rate from 1 s to 12 hours

- Elaboration rate from 1 s to 12 hours

- Connection to the PC via RS232 (USB/Ethernet/Modem GPRS with external accessories)

- Display and keyboard

Code: ELO305
MT0_6828 (2)


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