LSI LASTEM designs and manufactures a wide range of data loggers for environmental applications. With very low power consumption, expanded signal capacity and protections against severe environmental conditions, LSI LASTEM data loggers are the ideal solution for measurements in meteorological, air quality, indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring applications.

The different features of LSI LASTEM instruments suits virtually any environmental monitoring procedure, guaranteeing accurate and reliable monitoring of physical parameters both for portable and continuous application, outdoors and indoors. 

Pluvi-ONE supports the following measurements:

  • rain: n. 2 pulse digital inputs for two indipendent rain gauges or a single double-reed relay rain gauge;
  • temperature: n. 1 analogue input for three wires Pt100 temperature sensor;
  • temperature and relative humidity: n. 1 dedicated serial-digital input for temperature and relative humidity sensor;
  • water level: n. 1 0/4 ÷ 20 mA analogue input for water level sensor;
  • storm front distance: n. 1 dedicated serial-digital input for lightning sensor
  • barometric pressure: n. 1 internal barometer (integrated inside the data controller board) with 300 ÷ 1100 hPa range and optimal accuracy of ±0.25 hPa (-20 ÷ + 85°C)
Pluvi-ONE is equipped with a SDI-12 (v. 1.1) input to receive signals from sensors using this connection technology.
Pluvi-ONE can be connected to external sensors using Modbus RTU protocol over RS485 bus in Master mode. Alternatively, Modbus can work in Slave mode sending data to Modbus devices
Pluvi-ONE can be equipped with an optional GPS receiver connected to RS232 port, that send the geographical position of the system to the remote server.

Telegram is an APP on module device. It is an instant messaging service delivered non profit by Telegram LLC. This allows inquiry and receive relevant information from Pluvi-ONE, such as configuration, real time measurements and stored data. It is also possible to program Pluvi-ONE to send alarms to one or a group of Telegram users. Each user can inquiry information to Pluvi-ONE.
Code: ELP001

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