Thermohygrometer, natural ventilation - Radio output

Precise and reliable, this sensor is suitable for continuous meteorological measurements also in severe environments and in presence of steep thermal and hygrometric variations.
For outdoor application it should be coupled with a radiant screen. 

Instruments for accurate measurement of air temperature and relative humidity in severe outdoor environments. 


  • 4 ÷ 20 mA, RS485-Modbus RTU, Radio output versions;
  • Forced ventilation radiant screen available;
  • Replaceable sensitive element;
  • Programmable air temperature measurement range.

Technical Specifications

Relative Humidity 
 Frequency868 MHz
 Radio transmission power 25 ± 3 mW
 Radio transmission distance (line-of-sight) 600 m 
 Transmission rate10 s 
 Power supplyBattery (AA 3.6 V) 
 Battery life > 2 years
 Power consumption< 10 µW stand-by;
120 mW in transmission 
 Electric protection NO (electrically insulated sysytem)
 Vantilation Natural
 Resolution Temperature: 0.01 °C
 Relative Humidity: 0.1 %

Code: EXP815


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