Air temperature sensor - Male connector

Pt100 air temperature sensor for indoor use and, coupled with a radiant screen, for meteorological applications. A 4-wire, Pt100 173 DIN B sensing element guarantees very good accurady over an extended temperature range.

This sensor is ideal for virtually any kind of environmental application.


  • Accurate temperature measurements (0.1°C);
  • 4-wires technologiy for long distance sensor cable;
  • Radiant screen units availabllity for outdoor measurement under the sun and in meteorological applications;
  • Forced ventilation screen availibity;
  • Converters for 4-20mA and RS485 Modbus-RTU outputs;
  • In house ISO17025 accreditate calibration laboratory

 Connector  Male connector for DWA5* cables
 Cable L = 5 m 
 Data logger compatibility

 Using DWA5* extension cable:

 M-Log (EL008)
 E-Log (ELO305)

Code: DMA033.1



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